We hope your stay will be a relaxing, enjoyable and unique experience. We know no one likes the small print but there are some terms and conditions that we must bring to your attention.

On Arrival

The Meadow Head Orchard Hut is available any time after 4pm on your first day- so please follow the directions provided – the keys will be hanging up inside the hut.

In the Hut

BREAKAGES AND DAMAGE: If on your arrival you find any items, fittings, utensils, crockery or cutlery are broken, damaged or missing, please report it to us on the phone number given. A degree of normal wear and tear is to be expected but should any significant damage or breakage occur during the period of your stay you will be held responsible for and liable to a charge equal to the lowest current market value. We reserve the right to charge for excessive cleaning where the Shepherds’ Hut has been left in an unacceptable condition, including but not limited to, waste, litter, damage to the structure, movement of furniture and contents etc.

NEGLIGENCE: Guests will be held responsible for any fire damage or alteration to the Shepherds’ Hut or other parts of the site caused by negligence.

LIABILITY: Meadow Head and Meadow Head Farm accept no responsibility for injury incurred anywhere on the site or in the hut.

STOLEN PROPERTY: You are responsible for your property including car whilst you are staying in the Meadow Head Orchard Hut and we do not accept any responsibility for your personal effects.

VISITORS: Unless otherwise booked and confirmed by us, your break is for a maximum of two people. Please let us know before you exceed this for any reason.

NO SMOKING POLICY: The Meadow Head Orchard Hut and the Orchard within which it is sited is subject to a strict NO SMOKING OR VAPING POLICY. Pollution or damage from smoking or vaping will result in a charge to ensure the hut is returned to a satisfactory standard. 

GENERAL CODE OF CONDUCT: Whilst we are fairly relaxed and want you to fully enjoy your time with us, part of the attraction of staying at the Meadow Head Orchard Hut is that it is in a quiet country area, so common sense regarding loud music and parties should apply. Being in the countryside also means that occasionally you will experience the normal rhythm of country noises and smells over which we have no control. No litter should be left in the vicinity of the hut or anywhere else on site and please respect the natural environment and our neighbours. No pets are permitted on the site or in the hut.  Please leave your accommodation and the surroundings as you found it.FIRE POLICY: No fires should be lit other than in the wood burning stove, wood fired hot tub or the fire bowl provided.  No candles or naked flames shall be lit inside or in the vicinity of the hut.


Checkout is 11am. Please leave the key hanging inside on the hook provided and ensure that the hut and its surroundings are left as you found them.

Thanks for reading!